What to Look for While Buying Door Handles

Typically, while constructing a new house or while carrying out home renovations, door handles and knobs are amongst the last things to be considered. This is so because they are pretty common. However, for usability and aesthetics, it is vital to give enough thought process while selecting the right door handles for your house.

Door knobs are obtainable at hardware stores and departmental stores. These days, they are also available through online websites and auction sites. Many find buying online as a convenient option as it saves a lot of time and it gives them the ability to shop right from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Locking Mechanism

Door handles are used to open and close the doors as well as for locking. Different rooms require different types of handles or knobs. As per the interiors and the purpose of a particular room, the door handles are selected. For instance, a toilet, bathroom and bedrooms require locking mechanism from the inside. The main entrance door requires locking mechanism from both outside and inside; however, outside locking system requires to be secured with a key.

Styles and Designs

Door knobs are available in diverse shapes like the rounded triangle, diamond, oval, square and simple round. Whereas the style of Building Hardware typically includes (a) Lever handles - plain or decorated (b) Design based on animal head (c) Novelty styles - can be of any shape and theme (d) Crash bars - widely used in big buildings and for emergency exit doors and windows.

Materials Used

In the earlier days, the majority of the door knobs were manufactured out of wood that matched with the doors on which they were installed. Materials like hard plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and melamine were also used, and at certain occasion treasured metals like titanium and silver were also used. Eventually, for gaining better usability and aesthetics, other materials came into the forefront that includes wood, glass, bronze, brass and ceramic. There are four major types of handles.

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